Who is Brady?

I'm Brady Rust

a small town kid from a big family. I've spent my entire life being a leader in everything from sports, the classroom, my family, among my friends, in my community, in my college, and in the workplace. I've built websites for growing brands, I've worked on various products, I've with companies from various industries, and I've collaborated with people from all over the world.

Right Now

I'm looking to join a team in Orange County that is building a leading technology product or solution for their respective industry. Sectors I'd most like to make an impact in are Finance, Travel, Education, Health, and Environment.


Most recently I've completed my final Graduate courses for my Graduate Certificate in Operations Management, became certified in LEAN Six Sigma, and left a Product Manager role at CUDDLY, Inc.


For more of my backstory please reach out to me and I can tell you more about my past, my experiences, some stories, and how I've become who I am today.

Brady Rust


A look at my professional progression over the past few years


Product Manager
Seal Beach, Calif.
MAY 2018 - SEP 2018
JUN 2017 - SEP 2017


Program Director
Irvine, Calif.

LGCY Power

Product Marketing Manager
San Jose, Calif.
JUL 2016 - JUN 2017
OCT 2013 - NOW


Project Lead, Full-Stack Web Designer
Seal Beach, Calif.