What do you mean don't compete? I'm competitive!

I'll explain.

Competing, by definition, is striving to defeat someone or win something.

The key distinction I want you to take away is this: Control what you can control and don't compare yourself to others.

A fable we all have heard at least once growing up is about the tortoise and the hare. The hare, or rabbit, is much faster than the tortoise yet he does not win the race. The hare takes his time and even takes a nap. Now don't get me wrong I'm not saying don't take a nap. I love naps. A lot of people love naps. Naps can do wonders for you and your day. All I'm saying is don't take a nap because the competition is taking a nap. Take a nap on your own terms.

Control what you can control.

The tortoise isn't discouraged by losing to the

One step at a time the tortoise continues to take action. And if you remember from my last post,

A lesson can surely be taken from this. Continuous action, focus, and controlling what you can control will lead to your best outcome. Your best self. And that's all we really want right? Is to be our best self? 

Your only