Guten tag! Ciao! Bonjourno! Hallo! Hello! Aloha! Hola!

If you follow me closely you've been stressed out and worrying frequently over the last few weeks as I haven't posted to my blog in that long! (Crazy! Right?)

Well, I'm back!

Me in Budapest

And I apologize for my absence as I've been focused on the present moment while backpacking through Europe. I made the executive decision to leave my laptop at home and make it a complete vacation.

I won't ever do it again...and by that I mean leave my laptop at home for so long. Or at least rent one somewhere along the way.

I will certainly be backpacking Europe and other parts of the globe over the next few years at least. And you can follow along as I go, because I will be updating my blog as I go from now on! (Yay!) And if that's not enough for you make sure to follow me on Instagram.

Now a couple FAQ & answers

Where did you go?

Flew into Dublin. After a fun weekend flew to Amsterdam. After a few days of lawless flew to Barcelona and enjoyed hiking, time on the beach, staying out till 6am and of course the senoritas. Next flew to Rome. Saw buildings two thousand years older the the United States of Next up Budapest. Lovely city, lovely time. On to Vienna, Austria home of the Wiener Schnitzel. Then a week in Prage, Czech Republic. I will be back for an extended period of time, no doubt. Onto Berlin for four late nights in a row with some wild Aussies, Germans, and too many others to list here. And finally Brussels, Belgium before heading home (barely made my flight catch my story later this month).

What was your favorite place?

I had the most fun in Dublin with friends from high school. I loved Rome for its history. Budapest and Prague for being well rounded and cheap, however, Barcelona wins as my favorite place. It is relatively cheap, great night life, hiking, beaches, moderate weather year-round, and a few more.

For more information about my travels, lessons I learned, relevant tips for your next trip, pictures from mine, and much more check back at my blog, or subscribe below. Thanks for reading I love you and miss you! 

Barcelona, unfortunately didn't notice I had screwed up settings on my camera yet