It all started with a Big Bang. I'd been knocked down for the umpteenth time and like always I got back up. As learned from Rocky it's not about how hard you can hit, but how hard you can get hit and keep going.

Fortunately for me I've learned both: how to get back up and how to hit harder. I'm not a violent person, but I fight for what I want, what I feel is right, and for justice.

Early at University I had all of these entreprenuerial ideas that were going to change the world. They were all technology related and involved websites, or mobile apps. I studied at the University of Nevada, in Reno, and was surrounded by creative and supportive people in a serene and creative envrionment (sometimes it just took searching).

After searching within myself to find my strengths and come up with these ideas to ultimately help people (all businesses help solve a problem) I sought out someone who could help ME. I travelled to San Francisco, San Jose, and Cupertino in search of developers and designers who could help me achieve my goals. I was met with praise and bad news.

I was praised for being a 'young gun' trying to change the world. They enjoyed my ideas and told me they believed in my ideas. However, my ideas would come with a price. I would need X amount of dollars to pay them and Y amount of dollars to fund the business. They were daunting numbers even for an optimistic Finance major like myself.

I headed back to Reno with a lot on my mind. Large amounts of college debt and a new number to reach in order to fund my business dreams. These people who hardly knew me from Adam were dictating how my business should be ran. They liked my ideas, but needed large sums of money before helping me? This is not something I saw coming, especially from smalltown Iowa where everyone seems to just help everyone, me included.

I didn't give up and met with a local web design company (the largest in Reno). It met with the cofounder Michael Gardner in downtown at his office. After discussing my idea to him in detail he sounded onboard, but with running a successful company was asking for money up front. Money I didn't have. What I walked away with that day was worth more than any money.

Michael told me he enjoyed my idea and presence. He told me no matter what happens to continue to pursue it and my other entrepreneurial dreams. He mentioned he was running a succesful web design company without ever graduating from college. He showed me through his own example anything is possible, like I'd been saying all along, but had yet to fully believe.

Although he needed money up front, he helped me tons and was willing to help me. He gave me hope.

For, one of the last times in my life I would be negative about a situation. It was made apparent I wouldn't be able to get all of this funding without leaving school and still may not get it. I had nothing to my name and no background in the field. As banks check for a credit score I had no credit to show to potential investors. I also had no designer or developer.

One of my older brothers is a software developer and another a graphic designer. I still could not communicate my idea to them fully and they really didn't have the time for my project as they each work full-time 2000 miles away.

I took Michael's advice and continued onward towards my dreams.

I would learn how to do it myself and bring my ideas to life. I began learning to design websites.