Brussels is the bomb! 

I love this city, the country of Belgium, and the people there. I had a blast while there and it all happened in a flash.

I am grateful for the time I spent there, even though I would have liked to stay longer. I will definitely be back in the coming years along with other parts of the beautiful country.

Here's a list of the best things to do in Brussels and one tip of what definitely NOT to do.

1. Delirium Cafe

Breaking a Guiness World Record for most beers on tap, with over 2,000 its a sight to see! I would describe it as a bar mall that is tucked away to a neat little alley. In the alley (which has a crazy name) are multiple bar areas along with outdoor seating. You can certainly find your style of drinking there.

They also have a rum bar with over 700 kinds of liquors from ALL over the world and of ALL ages. Plus it is close to the next stop on the list...

2. Grand Place

A must stop square in the city. Another big name building in the square is Hotel de Ville Bruxelles (Town Hall). It is a great place with panoramic views of spectacular architecture and golden spires. I stumbled upon this in the afternoon and fell in love. I took this with shaky hands and a subpar phone camera

3. Manneken Piss

The Statue of Piss or something like that. I walked by it a couple times and I'm extremely glad I did. As simple as it is you can't go to Brussels without take a stroll past it. If you don''ll be pissed (I know, that was weak). I hadn't heard of it before arriving in the city and it wasn't long before I found out how big of a deal it is.

4. Jardin du Petit Sablon

I highly recommend this garden/square. It was sooo peaceful and picturesque. I didn't have spare time and couldn't stay as long as I'd wanted to. I also didn't get the photos and video shots I would have loved to get. This is right across the street from Elgise Notre Dame du Sablon and isn't far off the beaten path.  

(this picture doesn't do this garden justice, not even close)

5. Royal Palace of Brussels

This is a beautiful building, close to other great sights and adjacent Brussels Park which adds to the grand beauty. You'll notice the interesting trees, trees I've never seen before, that seem to make an in air fence with their branches.

6. Palace of Justice & Infantry Monument

I recommend this place for three main reasons. First the two sights listed are cool to see. Second there is a killer view of Brussels practically on the property. Next is while you walk back (or on your way to) there is Boulevard de Waterloo which is a high-end shop district. I didn't purchase any luxury items, yet I enjoyed walking through the rich area.


Not all phonetically similar words translate.

I learned this the hard way (and nearly cost me hundreds of dollars)

On my way to the airport to head back to the States I got on what I thought was a train that happened to be 2 minutes early heading to Aarschot. I thought this was the airport and because it was the right train number and just 2 minutes difference I hopped on. At first we headed in the direction of the airport, I could tell that much. I knew it'd be roughly 5 minutes to the airport after that. So when the train didn't stop for 15 minutes I began to worry a little.

Then came the controllers.

Controllers are in place of using tickets to get into the station. Instead you hop onto whatever train you need and these guys come around and check tickets (yes sometimes they never come and you can ride for free).

These guys approached and checked my ticket and asked where I was headed.

*Cue full panic

I not only wasn't supposed to be on this train (my ticket was for buses and trams only) I was headed to Aarschot, Belgium a little town outside of Brussels.

I would have to purchase a new ticket and switch trains at the next stop still 10 minutes out.

Somehow there was another train leaving for the Brussels Airport just a half an hour later and I was able to make it on my flight with time to spare. *wipe sweat, change pants* 

My other major tip is don't underestimate Belgium like I did and spend as much time as you can in the country.