When you find a great tool or resource you share it. And that's exactly what I'm doing.

I have to share with you my favorite website/resource for easily downloading free icons for commercial use, or whatever use you want really. Don't have time to make your own icons? Don't want to hire someone to do it for you? This is the place for pretty much all of your icon needs. It's called www.flaticon.com. Attribution for their icons is super simple.

Now sit back and relax and find the perfect icon to use in your next web project, marketing campaign, on your business card, or whatever you can possibly use an icon for.

See what I did here?

Flat Icon has stuck with me. I used to exclusively use iconfinder.com, or make my own. Now I only rely on them a fraction of what I used to.

I also wanted to share to let you know that I'm updating my resource and tool eBook and will be making it available in the coming months. Over the last three plus years I've started to find what works, and works well, and what doesn't work at all. Bookmark the page so you don't forget this resource. I spent an hour the other day searching for an background-free image library I used to use. Don't be like me. Keep your tools at your finger tips.

One more time. www.flaticon.com