What if I told you pain is going to be a part of your life? What if I told you the people you love will also have to experience pain? 

Hearing these things can be, well, painful. I know my mom would wince at reading these things as she never wants pain, conflict, or suffering for anyone ever. And the bright side for her and people who care about their own as well as others well-being is that pain isn't necessarily a bad thing. 

From SayQuotable.com

Pain doesn't have to cause suffering. Pain can lead to good things. 

Don't call me crazy yet, but I think some people  need pain. Pain can be a great motivator. Pain can also be a great indicator. 

Pain can be an indication of progress. Pain can reassure you of the path you have chosen. Pain can lead to peace. 

What am I talking about?

I'm talking about embracing pain. Embracing the moment. Embracing your power. 

When someone rejects or criticizes your work it hurts. It can be painful. It can also motivate you to do better work. If it doesn't hurt, maybe its not the kind of work you wanted to be doing anyways? Maybe that's your sign to spend your time doing something you actually care about. If you're detached from your work that's probably an indication to do something else. 

Another way pain can be an indicator is in your body. We all will experience physical pain in our lives. Whether  you hit the gym a few times a week, sit on the couch 24/7, or workout every day. 

Here's the difference - exercising causes physical pain now, and power later. Sitting on the couch all day is easy and comfortable now while later you will experience strain when doing physical tasks sometimes including simple things children have no problem doing. 

You can either choose to embrace your discomfort and get stronger, or you can remain comfortable and experience pain later. 

This is true physically, mentally, even spiritually. 

How you might ask?

Embrace the pain, and you will win this game (my favorite quote from Fight Club, click here for my post about it)

Tackling your biggest problems and challenges on your to do list first. If you do the 'big' things first the small things will seem much smaller later. Sometimes its good to start your day with small wins too. I'm not asking you to jump out of bed and immediately start negotiating a big deal, or whatever it is you find most challenging. Get organized, get energized, and when you're ready to start doing work get after the 'biggest' work first. 

If you save your biggest challenges for the end of the day you might not be able to overcome and resolve all of them before day's end. That put's you behind for the next day and you're going to go to sleep knowing you have a big problem unresolved. Queue snowball effect of anxiety. 

Don't get hit by the snowball. Don't live with regrets and feel sorry for yourself. 

Embrace your pain and empower yourself to be the best possible you. Its best for all of us.