Massive action is all but massive.

Massive action has become a buzzword of sorts recently. The word massive itself invokes something insurmountable.

Taking massive action doesn't have to be a massive undertaking. Massive action to me is continuous action. It's the small steps to reach that bigger goal. Taking massive action shouldn't be hard it should be easy. Many easy things that culminate into something massive.

‍Massive monuments from South Dakota - my homeland

Mark Zuckerberg created Facebook. We all know that, get to the point. The point is he didn't sit down one day take massive action, click 'go live', and voila - massive results.

He took continuous action. He took small steps. He built a framework. He built different modules and functions one at a time. Then he measured, iterated, and added more functions. He took steps. Large and small. The key distinction is he never stopped taking steps. He took continuous steps on his path. Continuous action. Did Mark Zuckerberg face resistance and challenges? Hell yeah he did. Did Facebook see its setbacks and problems? Of course. Facebook didn't stop and accept those setbacks. They didn't allow themselves to be paralyzed by resistance. They continued taking action.

They're not some group of unicorns with all the answers. They knew a general direction and general outcome and they took action towards those goals. I would guess many times not know what step to take next, but taking steps anyways. Taking continuous action and figuring things out along the way. Facing failures and learning from them.

The key here is to get massive results you don't need to take massive action. You need to take action continuously.

An apple a day for 30 days keeps the doctor away. 30 apples in a day doesn't.

Complexity is the enemy of productivity.